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Forest Path


We are determined to deliver exciting and memorable outdoor experiences to those who love nature as much as we do. Our intention is to get more humans into the woods, discovering that trail running is exhilarating and life-affirming, with challenging twists and turns around each corner and over every hill, root, and rock. We design our events to include technicalities to thrill you, breathtaking views to captivate you, and stunning, scenic, picturesque moments to move you. HJLE

Garbage Factory


Our team is mindful to preserve our planet and to seek partnership with like-minded companies along the way. Our objective is to deliver stellar events with net-zero impact on our planet’s natural resources.

Garbage Factory
Running Outdoors


We are athletes. And as athletes we understand the nature behind training at a competitive level. We have an appreciation for the athleticism our participants possess. In recognition, we give back to our top three finishers with cash prizes and after every race – whether you are an athlete or a race volunteer – we welcome all to the finish line with delicious eats and great beats.

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